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So kannst du auch mit wenig Geld reisen!

How to travel on a budget

Exploring the world gives you a much better perspective on life – probably no one would dare to argue with that. By seeing different destinations, meeting new people and dealing with unpredictable situations, you are able to see yourself from the whole different angle as well. Traveling is really worth the investment.

Zuper erklärt dir, wie die Börse funktioniert.

Chasing the numbers: How the stock market works

If you refer to almost any movie depiction of the stock market, it certainly feels intimidating: important people making important calls, shouting numbers, wild gesturing, spewing jargon. It does appear overwhelmingly complex and reserved to insiders. But, once you look past the facade, it really isn’t.

Built a healthy new habit and start saving money with Zuper

How To Start Saving

People quite often believe that in order to save, you have to give up on the things you enjoy the most. I can’t even start with explaining how silly this is.

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