Zuper - your digital financial assistant

Zuper is a free finance app which gives you full control of your spendings and an easy overview of all your accounts.

A personal finance app to keep track of your finances and achieve financial health

We think money management should be smarter, easier and more fun. That's why Zuper connects to all your existing accounts to help you manage your money and improve your financial health.

Multibanking for all accounts

Get a complete overview accross all your accounts

The Zuper App aggregates all your bank accounts from different banks so that you have an easy overview in one place. Check your balances, see your transactions and send money in just one app.

Always know where your money goes

The Zuper App intelligently categorizes your purchases and shows you how much you're spending per category. Set budgets to define spending limits and get notified once you reach or exceed a budget.

Budgeting App Zuper - budget categories
Financial Health Score - Example

Shape your financial future & improve your financial health

Like a fitness app helps you become physically stronger, our Financial Health feature helps you become financially stronger. The score gives you an objective view on your money management behavior. Plus you get tailored advice on what to do to improve your financial health.

Automate your finances with our smart notifications

The Zuper app keeps you up to date on all important stuff that is happening on your accounts like receiving new income on your account, reaching a budget limit or going into overdraft.

Multi-Banking as it should be

Zuper supports more than 3700 banks in Germany and Austria to make mobile banking easy and comfortable for you.

Zuper Financial Coach: Money Manager & Budget App

Thousands of users improve their finances every month with Zuper - join them!

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