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About Zuper

Everyone knows that managing your finances is critical for your quality of life, but let’s be honest: keeping track of your money can be time-consuming, inconvenient and just plain boring. The zuper team wants to change that. Our zuper app is the new, free way to help you regain control of your finances.

zuper is a personal finance assistant for your smartphone. The zuper app is designed to help you achieve financial wellbeing at every stage of life. With zuper, you can manage all your accounts in one app, track your spending, learn about your finances, and it’s all as easy, transparent and safe as banking should be.

The zuper team is a small, dedicated group with a headquarters in Munich, Germany and an office in Nis, Serbia. We work as a distributed team with locations in five countries, but our servers are based in Germany.

Now available in Germany, zuper allows you to securely connect all your bank accounts in one app and watch your transactions categorize themselves. Whether you have one account or many, you have a global view in your pocket at all times. When you see where you’re spending, it’s easy to make changes, and we’ll even create alerts when you need them and look for ways to help you save money. It’s time for money management to be smarter, easier and more fun.

Getting Started

There are some basic requirements to use the zuper app. You can find our app in the German Apple App Store and Google Play store. The app is not yet available in other counries.

To use our app, you will need a German bank account.

You also need a compatible smartphone with at least iOS 8.0 or Android OS 4.1 installed.

The Zuper app works on Apple iPhone 6 and 7 models, iPhone 5 models iPhone SE and most Android smartphones, including Samsung Galaxy S5, S4 and S3 Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Huawei Nexus 6P.

At this time, we do not offer the zuper app for Android tablet devices.

Zuper is connected to all major banks in Germany with plans to expand service further. Banks that are not currently supported include Wirecard, Fidor and accounts in Paypal. If your bank is not listed, please send us a note and we’ll add your bank to the waiting list. 

Your bank settings must be HCBI-ready to connect to zuper. You may be able to find this option in your bank settings.

Account and data use

Your data remains yours. You may delete your account at any time. To provide insights and improve our category algorithms, user bank data such as transaction categorisations will be used in aggregate, but no personally identifiable data is used for this purpose.

Personal data is collected on our website and in our apps on a voluntary basis whenever possible. We track anonymized user behavior to understand how people find zuper and navigate through the website, but it is generally possible use the zuper website without providing personal information. Some information, such as an email address, is necessary to authenticate your identity in the zuper app.

Our legal terms and privacy policy are in German. We apologize for any inconvenience that creates.

Your data is stored on German servers using the same methods as bank data storage.

Long-term storage has a variety of benefits:

    Find old payments at any time and can create a proof of payment.
    In reviewing your subscription and savings behavior over time, you’ll find patterns in how and when you spend.
    Receive zuper recommendations to improve your financial picture.
    Improve your financial outlook by finding ways to save, avoiding fees and looking for better return on savings.

Account Security

We use the zuper app, too, so we’re just as concerned about security as you are. 

Our goal is to comply with all applicable safety standards of our industry and exceed standards wherever possible. 

Protecting your data is a major task that we take very seriously, but it is important to note that transferring data over the Internet (for example, in email) can be subject to security vulnerabilities. It is not possible to completely protect data from access by third parties.

We only use your name to greet you, so you can use a nickname if you prefer.

We use your email address to authenticate that you are actually who you claim to be. (Authentication) We also email you for important service and security updates. 

Your email address is additionally used for password recovery and to contact you about new services and features. You can unsubscribe from zuper newsletters at any time.

Your money stays in the same place: the bank where you entrusted it. The difference when using zuper is that you get a quick and easy view into where your money is going. Maybe you’ll see an overdraft interest payment, or you might notice that you’re paying for a subscription you no longer need or want.

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